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Employment law

As employment solicitors we advise both employers and employees. We have experience on both sides and this enables us to be sensitive to all aspects of this fast-changing area of the law. Employment law is technical and failure to follow the correct procedure can be prejudicial (harmful to your case) and costly.

We can provide expert advice at an early stage to avoid unnecessary complication and expense.

Our service covers most aspects of employment law, from the initial stages of a disciplinary or grievance process up to and including employment tribunal proceedings, or negotiating a settlement via a settlement (Compromise) Agreement.

We advise employers on changes in legislation, preparation of employment contracts, staff handbooks, contracts for services/consultancy for self-employed business people and the drafting of settlement (Compromise Agreements).

We cover the following areas:

  • employment contracts and directors service agreements and staff handbooks for employers
  • settlement (Compromise) Agreements
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • bullying, harassment and stress in the workplace
  • unfair dismissals and breach of contract
  • TUPE (transfer of undertakings)
  • redundancy
  • long-term illness problems
  • equal opportunities (including disability, age, sex and orientation discrimination)
  • bullying and harassment claims (including stress and psychiatric injury)
  • data protection
  • whistleblowing
  • working time regulations
  • restraint of trade

Please also see our page on settlement (compromise) agreements.

Employment team

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