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Litigation (claims and court disputes)

As litigation solicitors we aim to resolve litigation issues as speedily and in the most cost-effective way possible. We act for both claimants and defendants (companies, partners and individuals) in the High Court and County Court, and in certain tribunals (concerning employment and land).

We undertake the following types of work:

Commercial litigation

  • building disputes/real estate disputes
  • contract disputes (including sales of goods and services)
  • insolvency: winding-up and director’s disqualification
  • partnership disputes and dissolutions
  • negligence and nuisance claims
  • landlord and tenant (including personal guarantees and indemnities liability)

Civil Litigation

  • boundary and rights of way disputes
  • building and planning issues
  • co-ownership disputes
  • landlord and tenant (residential)
  • debt and bankruptcy
  • professional negligence (involving architects/surveyors, dentists/doctors, barristers/solicitors)
  • insurance claims and disputes (eg property/household policies, medical/life and motor policies)
  • wills and probate disputes, Inheritance Act claims and trust litigation – here we act for clients who are either claimants or defendants, or on behalf of the deceased’s estate. (Please see also our pages on family law and wills and probate)

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and Mediation
It is important to seek expert advice at an early stage of any dispute. Courts and tribunals are keen that legal proceedings should be a last resort, and going to court before attempting alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be expensive. We encourage clients to seek resolution through independent mediation or other forms of settlement.

In difficult cases we liaise and instruct specialist practitioners at the Bar in London and outside. Our selection of barristers is based on a combination of expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Litigation team

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    Richard Pigula
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