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Solicitors and Notaries Public. Est 1905
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Notary public

Do you need to have a document notarised?
A notary public is a specially trained and qualified lawyer who is permitted to authenticate and certify the execution of documents for use outside the UK. A notary public mainly acts as an impartial and legally trained witness to ensure the documents comply with official requirements overseas.

Why Downie & Gadban?
Simon Acworth, our notary public, is the only known notary in the Alton area. He is able to notarise, certify and authenticate many different types of documents for individuals, companies and other organisations for use abroad.

Services we provide include:

  • witnessing the signature of documents
  • authenticating (confirming the truth of) facts set out in the document, or certifying copies of originals or originals
  • assisting with legalisation or consularisation (where documents are required to be legalised by an embassy or consulate or by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office).

The Notaries Society


  • Simon Acworth

    Simon Acworth
    (qualified as a notary public in 1983; member of The Notaries Society) 01420 82879