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Settlement (compromise) agreements

We are expert settlement (compromise) solicitors in employment terminations based in Alton Hampshire.

What is a settlement (compromise) agreement?
A settlement (compromise) agreement is a confidential legally binding agreement between the employer and employee which settles a dispute or redundancy situation.

Why sign a settlement (compromise) agreement?
It gives the employer peace of mind and an assurance of avoiding an employment tribunal claim (or settling on-going tribunal proceedings) in exchange for the employee receiving a compensation pay-out. It is important for an employee to seek independent legal advice on a settlement (compromise) agreement for it to be valid before signing it.

Our service to you – expert advice
We have the extensive experience and expertise to help you negotiate a mutually agreed compensation settlement (financial termination package) via a settlement (compromise) agreement, whether you are an employer or senior company executive, professional person or other employee and we combine our knowledge and experience of employment law with personal injury law (eg stress and depression due to overwork or bullying) or long-term illness/disability.

The service we provide includes drawing up settlement (compromise) agreements for employers or advising employees and is reliable and fast. It also includes pre-appointment telephone guidance and independent specialist advice on the terms of a settlement (compromise) agreement.

Independent legal advice
A meeting with our advisor is usually required and held within 24 hours or the same day for very urgent cases. Our advice and tactical approach will often help you achieve an improvement in any financial deal offered to you by your employer in the event of:

  • a redundancy situation
  • a restructuring/reorganisation of the employer’s business
  • a disciplinary situation
  • a long-term illness/disability

What does it cost – is it free?
Usually there is no cost to the employee since most employers will pay any legal fees. The draft agreement will give an indication and if there are any additional fees to be incurred we will agree this with you.

Make an enquiry – initial ‘no cost’ telephone conversation
Call us for an appointment to discuss your position or email your instructions.
We can operate countrywide – ‘face to face’ meetings are preferred but not essential.

Please also see our page on employment law.

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